3ds Max 2019 Beginners Course

Master 3ds Max 2019 & Arnold Renderer

Hi, Welcome to 3ds max 2019 Beginners Course my name is Vito and I'm going to be your instructor throughout the course. 3ds Max is Autodesk's flagship app for design visualization. It's widely used in game design, animation, visual effects, and motion graphics.  This course is designed for those with no prior experience in 3ds max or 3d modeling in general. In this comprehensive beginner course we'll start with a tour of 3ds max 2019 interface then we'll look at setting up 3ds max to our liking after that we'll look at creating basic objects and shapes then we'll move to more advanced modeling and learn polygonal modeling tools next  we'll look at spline modeling after that we'll combine polygonal and spline modeling tools together to create beautiful objects next we'll look at creating cameras and set up our scene for lighting and materials then we'll look at creating and managing materials after that we'll look at UVW mapping then we'll look at Arnold lights after that we'll look at rending next we'll use the tools we've learned to create real-world objects then we'll look at animation tools and animate our objects and finally we'll look at free foam sculpting so we have got a lot to cover so let go ahead and get started with 3ds max 2019 beginners course 

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  • Anyone who wants to learn 3ds Max
  • Anyone who wants to learn 3D Modeling, UV Mapping, Texturing, Animating and More