Learn Arnold: Fundamentals of Shading and Lighting

Industry expert Arvid Schneider shares his knowledge and expertise on Shading and Lighting

Arvid Schneider is an established artist, who has been working in the professional VFX industry for more than 10 years. He has worked on big blockbusters like Ready Player One, Jurassic World, Transformers and more.

With his knowledge and expertise Arvid has prepared a detailed beginner and intermediate course which helps you to skip the line and become an experienced lighting and shading TD in today's competitive industry.

Learn the fundamentals of Arnold

  • Apply the knowledge to any other software package like 3DsMax, Maya, Cinema4D, Katana using Arnold.
  • Understand the most important shading nodes, like Curvature, Noise, Occlusion, Surface and a lot more.
  • Be able to use best practices in terms of stylized photographic lighting.
  • Create physically correct shaders, which look appealing and render efficiently.
  • Setup complex shading networks with advanced light rigs.

What this course is NOT

  • Not teaching how to work within Autodesk Maya.
  • Not about modelling, texturing or animation.
  • Not providing source files.