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3D Product Visualization in Cinema 4D Energy Drink Poster

Model a set of hyper realistic energy drink cans and create an awesome poster.

In this course you will learn the process of creating a 3D product visualization render in Cinema 4D. We will start with an empty file and work our way up to modeling, texturing, and rendering a set of 3D energy drink cans that looks awesome and that your clients will love.

We will get the most out of the different tools that Cinema 4D offers, implementing different modeling techniques that you will be able to use in this and any other 3D project you work in the future.

Then, we will use Photoshop to make a custom texture, and apply it to our 3D cans. In Cinema 4D we will use both, stock materials that Cinema 4D comes with, and materials that we create ourselves to give life to our models.

After that we will use a few High Dynamic Range Images (HDRIs) to lit the final scene, and make a few amazing renders. And finally, we will use Photoshop to retouch our renders and add a little bit of smoke and a title to the poster.

This course focuses on creating a set of energy drink cans as you can see in the promo video, but you can use the techniques you learn here to create other objects in 3D and present them to your clients.

I’m confident that at the end of this course you will have a solid understanding of the 3D modeling process in Cinema 4D and you will be able to start creating your own 3D product visualization images.