Realistic Character Modeling For Game In Maya and Zbrush

An In depth Course on Modeling and Sculpting Realistic Human Character for Beginners to Intermediate Level.

Hi, Welcome to Realistic Character Modelling for Game in Maya & Zbrush course. This 21+ hour’s of video content will teach you how to model and sculpt realistic human characters from scratch step by step.

Do you have any of these Problems?

    Do you lack Confidence when it comes to Realistic character modelling?
    Is your character model looking like a cartoon or alien even if you don't want that?
    Are you fine with props or non organic modeling but find character modeling is difficult?
    Do you want to become a character modelling artist but find it difficult to model realistic characters?
    Do you wonder How professional people model such realistic characters?
    Do you want to switch to character modelling from props or Environment?

If any of these problems that sounds like you are having then this is the perfect course for you.