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Building 3d Worlds with The Modular Workflow for Games

Welcome to this “modeling for games” course!

What will you learn

  • Learn to create scenes utilizing the Modular Building workflow
  • Learn to quickly build meshes on the grid that are highly reusable and simple to make


  • 3ds Max or a similar 3d package
  • Photoshop
  • UDK or another game engine that allows for grids and snapping

Description of this “modeling for games” course

In this video we discuss creating modular assets on the grid that are highly reusable, use Photoshop to create a texture sheet to quickly map to our modular building set, and quick UV techniques for these types of assets. Lastly, this tutorial discusses how to rapidly build inside UDK using grid snaps and a handful of meshes.

About the Instructor:

Tyler Wanlass was a co-founder @3dmotive and an entrepreneur, designer and artist. He previously worked in the game industry for 5 years on AAA console and iOS titles while at Activision owned High Moon Studios and later at independent studio Psyonix. He currently works as an entrepreneur and designer, working to develop startups and business products.

¿Who is this “modeling for games” course for?

  • Beginners to Intermediate 3d Environment Artists interested in learning to build modular worlds

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