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Interior 3D Rendering with 3ds Max + Vray The Quickest Way

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Are you willing to learn V-Ray for you renderings?

V-Ray Next + 3Ds Max 2020

So, you are thinking about implementing V-Ray in your 3ds Max scenes for photoreal renders?

I´m going to show how to use 3ds-Max and V-Ray so you can enter the industry with standarized software.

Stop guessing and start knowing all you need for photo-real results!
No matter your experience user level, you´ll end up mastering the 3D rendering process and creating powerful scenes. If you want to know what this course is about, keep reading.

3D Rendering with 3ds Max and V-Ray.

Are you having trouble achieving photo realistic results?

This a project based tutorial. I will lead you through every step to achieve photorealism in your images, having everything under total control. Use the example scene or work with your own!

This is what you will learn

  • Mastering the 3D Rendering Workflow
  • Discover how to implement photorealism in your images
  • Stand out from standard artist by applying the secrets from the pros.

It’s great to have you here. If you´re like me, we love 3D rendering (specially V-Ray and 3dMax)

The Interior 3D Rendering with 3ds Max + V-Ray course is the highest quality course I’ve ever put out! Join us in this formation!

Level up your rendering skills!

Create professional looking images that really sell in a top level magazine standards. Use the same techniques and methods I used when working with top level studios in international projects.

No matter your field of expertise as an architect, 3D artist, designer… you´ll be creating pro level 3D renders.


  • Download the 3ds Max scenes
  • Download the Photoshop Files
  • A detailed guide you can easily follow
  • Speed up your workflow with amazing scripts

What makes me qualified to teach you?

Some of the projects I´ve been working on? CGI visualizations of private jets, yatchs, featured in 3D artist magazine… more than 100 published works in 10 years!

I worked for the best studios in Monaco, USA or UK as the owner of a Master of Arts. You can get all my knowledge. I´m passing you all my knowledge and expertise to make an incredible 3D artist out of you.

Great Reviews Already!

Get result quick and with a great methodology. What do people say about this course?

“This course made me really confident using V-Ray. In only 90 minutes I ended up controlling all the aspects of texturing, lightning and everything else. This course is a completely must-have if you want to start using V-Ray” Pascal Bürkle

“Fast no BS. Quick to the point!”Joonas Tähtinen

“Stop looking for courses, this is the one. Top stuff from a top artist!”Donnie Todd

I´ll be helping you all the way to the end. Take advantage of the direct message system in case you have any doubt, I´ll be glad to help you solve your problems. This is hands down the best course to learn photorealism with 3ds Max and V-Ray. Got any suggestion? Just let me know and I´ll be happy to update the content.

What’s this course all about?

Convert clients into fans with the amazing impression you will give them, improving confidence and pricing. If you ever wondered how do professional artists create such amazing images, start learning now their secrets now and make yourself the best choice for any CGI studio.

This course includes practical chapters so you can test your skills. Learn to think as a professional 3D artist with 3ds Max, the most solid software for this task and to create anything 3D related, not only interior design, from scratch to final results, including enhancing your images in photoshop to make them really pop.

Key things you will learn:

  • Model from plans
  • Copy and paste between 3ds Max scenes
  • Quickly find 3D Assets
  • Add furniture and accessories
  • Tiled floors: How do pros create it?
  • Camara Creation
  • Lights set ups
  • Create materials with V-Ray
  • Use the UVW modifiers
  • How to use Multi Sub objects
  • Adding materials to your 3ds Max scene
  • Creating a Final render with VRay
  • Post production in Adobe Photoshop

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