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Architectural Design & Animation in Blender 2.8x

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¿Do you want to learn how to create Archviz in Blender?

Welcome to this Archviz’s architectural design and animation course in Blender. In this course, you will learn how to lay out the design and create a realistic photo animation of this modern house.

This is an excellent skill for 3D artists to create their own works and for artists who want to create architectural structures and models.

The process of creating our building

We start by laying out a 2D floor plan, which is an essential step for those who want to control the design aspects of their projects.

The next step is to develop the floor plan and start the 3D modeling part of the project. This phase will focus about using add-ons like ArchiPack, to make your life easier when modeling walls, windows, doors or any kind of structure and assemble it.

Once the structure is in place, we will add high dynamic range images to help illuminate the scene. Our lighting work will help us achieve real-world lighting conditions to view our materials.

This will guide us into materials and textures, where you will learn how to use Blender´s PBR material shader to create realistic looking 3D models, which is a very important skill when creating architectural scenes in Blender.

We will study more advanced techniques, including the use of particle systems to create grass and the use of sapling add-ons to create trees.

Render and animation

We finish this section by rendering photo-realistic images.

The next stage is the interesting part, we will prepare the model for the animation. We´ll use Boolean modifiers to make the house appear slowly, and I will show you a great feature to quickly preview how the animation will look before it is fully rendered.

Finally, we used the render layer to speed up the rendering and looked at the compositor in Blender to put the elements back in place.

Content and overview of Archviz in Blender

  • Archipack: An awesome plugin to generate 3D parametric designs
  • Archimesh: Learn to quickly create large window elements for the scene
  • MeasureIt: Use this amazing Blender 3D plugin to create, annotate and render layouts.
  • 3D model grass and use Blender’s particle system to add it to the entire scene.
  • Create a tree with the Sapling add-on in Blender
  • Use Blender’s PBR shader to create custom materials for 3D models.

This is the right course for you

Learn the secrets of this awesome 3D software, and start creating designs of any kind, such as architectural, games or assets both for printing or for getting a nice piece for your portfolio.

This course is designed for practical learning and will guide you step by step from creating 2D drawings to creating custom 3D models. Discover the Archipack add-on in Blender and try the new PBR function when adding materials, lighting and cameras to the scene.

What will you learn

After completing this course, you will be able to use Blender as a complete graphics and 3D visualization software package. With the latest version of Blender, there is no better time to put your creativity to work than now.

These courses are taught through practical examples and aim to complete architectural design projects.

Unleash your creativity

Open Blender and be amazed by the possibilities. Explore a new world of creativity. Blender is free and will continue to improve to provide industry standard tools. It has a strong online community and is waiting to be discovered.

So, join now and start creating!

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