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Blender 2.79: Nature environment creation

Do you want to learn to create environments in Blender?

What will you learn

  • Creation of assets from scratch ( plants, trees, rocks, cliffs, lianas, ivys, etc)
  • Creation of three complete scenes ( jungle, river, temple )


  • Good general computer knowledge
  • Have Blender basics or follow the complete guide of Blender would be good but not mandatory
  • Have a recent graphic card


Here is a complete training dedicated to the creation of natural scenes in Blender 2.7. Blender is a free 3D software and opensource. During this training you will learn all the steps to create realistic and ready to render assets. Several packs of assets are included in the training.

  • Discover a complete workflow to create three scenes of nature.
  • Apprehend the interface and keyboard shortcuts for better efficiency.
  • Get some polygonal modeling basics.
  • Discover the tools of sculpting, texturing and shading.

The creation of environments in Blender is intended for all future users wishing to familiarize themselves with the software or the professional wishing to update its knowledge. From the freelance graphic designer to the illustrator wanting to evolve towards free software, Blender will be an indispensable asset for your graphic and video productions.

¿Who is this course for?

  • 3d graphists
  • Illustrators
  • Game designers

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