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Create & Design a Modern 3D House in Blender

Learn the secrets of arquitecture in Blender!

Do you want to learn how to create stunning photorealistic 3D architectural renders in Blender? Do you want to be able to digitally recreate your own house in Blender? By the end of this course you will have made a beautiful 3D modern house.

The first section of this course will be focused on modeling our modern house. Over the next couple sections we will be adding materials, textures, modelings and lighting to our scene. I will then show you how to render your image and post process it. And because I am nice I will show you how to edit your image in Photoshop as well!

Learning Blender can be very hard when you first start that’s why I built this course for all levels beginner to advanced. I will be showing you step by step on what to do and why we do it. From the basics of modeling to advanced techniques like creating grass with particle systems.

Bonus material

In this course about arquitecture in Blender I have also included 2 bonus sections in this course. The first one is creating a realistic tree in Blender. We will go through how to create an organic looking tree, apply textures and use particle systems to create the branches.

The second bonus I will show you how to create a modern couch in Blender. First thing we will do is model and sculpt it. This will add some creases to make it more realistic. Then, of course, the materials and rendering.

I will be giving away 13 professionally made models and 5 high resolution textures. You are free to use these models for other scenes but you are not allowed to sell or upload them. By enrolling in this course you agree to that.

Software required

We will be using the following programs in this course:

  • Blender 3D
  • Photoshop

I hope you are excited to jump into this course! And I can’t wait to see your amazing renders!


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