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How to sculpt in Blender | Creating Dragon Knight

How to sculpt in Blender: This Video course covers every single step to create a PBR shaded stylised warrior character with animation friendly topology based on fantastic and exclusive concept from Thiago Almeida starting from the default cube.

The course include all HD videos and all file ressources including 18 blenders files covering main steps. Free CC HDR, free textures given by textures.com, Matcaps, brushes and concepts from Thiago Almeida.

During the huge 17 hours of course cut into 74 different videos for easy navigation we will cover the following steps :

Body sculpting
Armour and accessories sculpting
Full retopology
Detail sculpting
UVs creation
Texture creation (baking/painting)
Render and compositing

Before learning how to sculpt in blender :

You will need to have some experienced in blender to take this course as I won’t be explaining every single click and as we’ll be using some advanced technics.

This is what the students think about this sculpt course

“Definitely check out this magnificent course, if you want to learn character creation from scratch! There is hardly any part of the process not shown in this exhaustive bunch of tutorials and timelapses. Pierrick shows us that you don’t really need rocket science to create fantastic characters!” Lukas Walzer – 3D Artist at UP design studio Stuttgart

“All I can say everyone, is you will without a doubt grow at least 10 “Blender Units” in your skills after doing one of Pierrick’s courses! I did his “CliffTower” course and it was the best decision of the year. This will be like that one on steroids. ;)”. David Frazier – Theology Professor and Signed Singer/Songwriter

“Pierrick did an outstanding job on putting together a high quality course, that is showing you everything you need to know about creating a stunning looking 3d character in Blender. From preparation over sculpting, modeling and retopology to the whole texturing and shading workflow, everything is included. I especially liked the texturing part, which reveals great techniques I will put to good use in future projects. So, if you want to learn character creation in Blender, don’t hesitate to grab this great course!” Zacharias Reinhardt – 3D Artist & Blender Trainer –

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