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Sculpting In Blender For Beginners

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Do you want to learn Sculpting in Blender?

IMPORTANT UPDATE: We are currently in version 1.3 of the course, adding a new module for Blender 2.8 and another one for 2.9!

In the course trailer you will find all the information about the content. Students will get access to exclusive content, not available for the rest of users.

Digital sculpts is one of the most rewarding field in 3D modeling. You can create your own characters from zero, or even develop a digital version of another artist´s concept.

In this formation, you will get the needed skills to start in the digital sculpting world, regardless of your experience using Blender. We will build a workflow from the start, sculpting a stylized face, a bonus tutorial on hand painting realistic skin, and a 30 minute commentary on sculpting Evie with the full 5 hour raw recording of the sculpt + scene files (read below)

This course contains 4 tutorial packages:

  • Package 1 – Blender for digital sculpting: Intro
  • 23 Video Tutorials WITH AUDIO (≈ 1H30 Total)!
  • Blend / OBJ Files
  • Package 2 – Faces: Male type and its sculpting methods
  • Video Tutorial WITH AUDIO (≈ 1H30 Total)!
  • Process of the head sculpt. 3 hourse in real time.
  • All the material is available, both in OBJ and BLEND format.
  • Hi-rez renders of the final result.
  • Package 3 – Texturing And Rendering Realistic Skin (BONUS!):
  • Video Tutorials WITH AUDIO (≈ 0H30 Total)!
  • Materials for the Blend project.
  • Package 4 (NEW) – Sculpting Evie:
  • Blend/OBJ File Of Evie
  • Hi-rez Renders
  • ≈ 30 Mins Time-Lapse With Commentary (Full Sculpt Sped Up)
  • ≈ 5H of Pre-recorded process with the Evie character (no audio)
  • MODULE 5 (new) – Update for Blender 2.8
  • Getting into Blender 2.8, review of the version changes and stablishing a workspace suitable for sculpting. (≈ 0H50 Total)!
  • Creating the head of an evil creature WITH AUDIO (≈ 1H35 Total)!
  • Blend/FBX File Of Demon Head
  • Current Course Updates:
  • v1.1: Added Package 4 (Sculpting Evie)
  • Update for sculpting in 2.8 in version 1.2 of the module

As a student, you will have direct contact with the instructor. Any problem or doubt you may have, you´ll get an instant response by email. I will resolve the issue ASAP 🙂

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