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Blendswap: A humungous Blender free content site for everyone

What is Blendswap?

Blendswap is a sharing site 100% devoted to Blender. Unlike other sites, the offered content is intended to be fully free so it grows a wide know community of users and creators, exchanging all kind of assets under CC license.

The kind of content Blendswap offers varies from 3D models, to addons, materials… they even have Blendswap themes category so you can customize your Blender interface in awesome ways!

The content is very carefully curated in a wide range of categories, like cars, trees, materials… or even full scenes, brushes or any other thing you may need for your scenes.

curso animacion 3d personajes blender


Aprende a usar las herramientas de animacion en Blender y conviértete en un animador profesional con este curso en español.

Blendswap alternatives

  • Turbosquid. Lots of free 3D models
  • Sketchfab. Not only you´ll find a large amount of free viewing stuff, but you are allowed to download them also. There´s even a Sketchfab Blender addon!
  • CGtrader. They offer a good amount of discount codes. Make sure to browse the STL category if you´re into 3D printing. if that´s the case, the makers cult is definitely the collection you´re looking for.
  • Blender Market. One of the most popular sale site with a very nice price policies. You can get a refund if you´re not satisfied. Take advantage of the summer sale once a year, or browse reddit for a coupon code anytime. The Blender Market addons are really cool.
  • Blender Nation. Another nice site with tons of Blender stuff, since tuts, 3d models, addons…

blender hair fur shader tutorial

Blender Hair & Fur | Grooming a baby Jaguar

Follow this Hair & Fur tutorial in Blender to learn the industry workflow for grooming a furry creature in Blender.

The Blendswap license system

Blendwap is a sharing shite devoted to Blender. The site is expected to offer all-free assets, althought you may have doubts about the licensing stuff. Because of this a CC license has been added in the Blendswap system. You will notice a drop down menu regarding this, when you can choose the better license for your assets.

With your license choice done, and the asset submitted, it will be publicly available under the chosen CC terms stated directly in your content post. What do you guys think of this? Too much options, maybe? Are you missing an specific license of any kind? Feel free to contact Blendswap about your thoughts on this!

  • Attribution cc by
    Permission to modifiy, share or rebuild based on your own work, even sell it as long as you credit the author. This is by far the most common license used, speaking of what others are allowed to do with your assets.
  • Attribution Share Alike cc by-sa
    Tweaking and rebuilding the content is permitted even for commercial use. Just credit the author and release your new content under the same license, similar to Open Source.
  • Attribution No Derivatives cc by-nd
    Free sharing and commercial use is allowed, but you must keep it fully untouched and give credit to the author.
  • Attribution Non-Commercial cc by-nc
    You can modify or even rebuild the content, only for your personal use.
  • Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike cc by-nc-sa
    You are free to modify and rebuild the content, but only for non-commercial use, and you still must credit the author and release your own version under the very same license. Your content can be downloaded and shared, translated, remixed and inserted into different environments as a part of it. This new produced content must be licensed in the same way.
  • Attribution Non-Commercial No Derivatives cc by-nc-nd
    This one is the most restricted of all. It allows you to redistribute it. Sometimes known as «free advertising», since a backlink to the author is required when sharing it. Other than that, it´s not permitted to modify it or make a commercial use out of it.

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