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Cinema 4D Masterclass Course Guide for Beginners

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Welcome to this Cinema4d for beginners course!

What will you learn

  • The ability to create eye-catching 3D designs and animations.
  • Foundations of Cinema 4D
  • 3D Modelling and Animation
  • Countless tips and tricks
  • Best industry practices
  • Requisites
  • No prior knowledge of Cinema 4D is required to participate in this training


Cinema4D is one of the top level 3D softwares in the industry, and it´s widely used in high-budget projects all around the world. It´s complex piece of sotware and it will be a hard task to try and manage it by your own.

You only need to know the basic principles about C4D or even start from zero. This course will teach you the foundations from the beginning.

Your instructor will be an official Maxon certified C4D teacher. Ozgur will teach you how to develop a 3D project from zero and will lead you through all the needed steps -modeling, illumination, working with textures, animation and final render- to make a professional 3D artist out of you.

All this process will be fed with a huge amount of tips and tricks widely used by most of the top level studios.

Add the third dimension to your graphics design portfolio. Learn how to give life to your characters using next level animation methods. Level up you value as an artist, being able to advertise yourself as a 3D designer.

More than 8 hours of understandable tutorials, this course will get you kickstarting your 3D learning. You will also find practical exercises you can download in each lessons so you can apply the principles explained in each step.

Are you ready to boost your design value with 3D? Let´s get to it!

Who is this Cinema4d for beginners course for?

  • Any artist willling to dive into the 3D world by learning animation, modeling, rendering…
  • Graphic Designers
  • Animators
  • Motion Graphics Artists

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