VRay NEXT for 3Ds Max - Complete Video Guide

All VRay Next functions and features in one class

The First Of It’s Kind!

All functions and features of VRay NEXT  in step-by-step – video examples. VRay got so many features and you don’t want to miss any of them! NEW VRAY got completely new architecture and is the first HYBRID RENDERING engine that uses both CPU and GPU to process your renders as fast as possible!

You can check my tests where VRay NEXT can render up to x7 faster than 3.6 version.

In this class we will go through entire VRay functionality

  • UI and shortcuts
  • VRay Frame Buffer for color correction
  • GPU and CPU for production rendering and animation
  • Sampling and Rendering Optimization
  • VRay Lights; Sun, Sky, Dome, Portals
  • Exterior Fly-through Animation
  • Global Illumination optimization for interior and exteriors
  • VRay Physical Camera – Auto White Balance and Auto Exposure controls
  • Motion Blur and Depth of Field effects
  • VRay Materials, all kinds!
  • Volumetric fog effects and Arial Perspective
  • Dynamic objects; Fur, Grass, Proxy, Displacement, Instancer
  • Render Elements – VRay Passes Workflow

All Video Tutorials Based Of ChaosGroup Scenes

Short and to the Point!

42 demonstrations are easy to follow – videos are well organized and contain up to 20 minutes of lecture, so you will not overload yourself with information. You can take a break anytime to comeback fresh and ready to learn more!

Training materials also include PDF handouts so you will see exactly the steps that I’m taking to achieve Photorealistic results with VRay NEXT.


Why it is so Exclusive?

This class is the first of it’s kind that includes the latest VRay next A-Z functions and features demonstrations – based of ChaosGroup learning materials. The scenes are professionally made so we could concentrate on what’s the most important – is the demonstration of the tool! and BEST WAYS to use it.


You will get access to the PRIVATE FORUM where you can ask questions, upload images with error and let me help you to figure out bugs and failures. I’m here to provide you full support and give you visual feedback so you could see what exactly needs to be fixed – and how to fix it!

All my comments and critique are constructive – you could learn so much from other students struggle and accomplishment – here we solve problems and deal with challenges!


All that submit this course and pass the quick quiz, will be granted a COA certificate. “Certificate of Attendance” – Directly from ChaosGroup. This Certificate comes in form of PDF and has a serial number.