3D Animation 101 - Modeling Class in Maya - Making Your Own Robot.

Model your own robot in Maya so it can later destroy everything in its path.

I've attatched pictures of the sketch I use in my videos. Feel free to use these as a guide for your project. Essentially your project goes hand in hand with the videos. While I go over how to model my robot, follow along modeling your own robot. Or if you want to do a better version of my robot, feel free to do so! Be creative! Put as many bolts and screws as you wish. My videos show the basics of modeling in Maya and how to add basic details, so use this knowledge to add as much detail to your Robot as you would like. In the end just screencap what your model turned out like, from all angles. Eventually, in another class we will rig it, texture it and animate it blowing up stuff. But for this assignment all we need is the model of the Robot.
I suggest you begin with a sketch. Only draw the right side, and don't worry about the left side. You will at least need a front and a back.  

My first video goes over some of the tools you will need to know for this assignment. But there are other tools that I mention as I'm modeling the robot that you will also need to know. So make sure you watch all the videos, and model your robot as I model mine. For convenience sake I will list all the modeling tools I cover in this class.

Under the POLYGONS Menu. 

Edit Mesh - Insert Edge Loop Tool

-Adds uniform lines to the object. Useful for adding geometry to polygons. 

Edit Mesh -Split Polygon Tool

-Adds individual vertices to the object, connecting them with a single line when you press enter. To invoke in Maya 2014 type "SplitPolygonTool" into MEL. 

Edit Mesh - Extrude

-Extrudes faces from polygons. Creates a new set of geometry. 

Edit Mesh - Merge

- Merges vertices together, as long as they are within the set range to merge. 

Mesh - Combine

-Combines geometry in terms of selction, but does not combine the actual geometry. 

Mesh - Separate

-Divides geometry in terms of selection, but does not divide the actual geometry. 

Mesh - Booleans

-Either pastes geometry together or splits them apart. Depending on which option you select (Union, Difference, Intersection).

Mesh - Fill Hole

-When one or more faces are missing in a piece of geometry the command will add faces. (Does not always work well). 

Mesh - Mirror Geometry

-Duplicates geometry, and inverts it across the axis of your choosing (Usually the ZY plane by default). It will automatically merge all vertices that are at the center of the grid. 

Normals - Soften/Harden Edges

-Hardens or softens a slection of edges. If the object is round, use soften, if the object is supposed to have sharp edges, use harden.