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Interior archviz in MODO | vol.2: rendering

Welcome to this Archviz Render course!

What will you learn

  • Create materials from scratch
  • Produce physically correct metal materials
  • UV mapping the easy way
  • Realistic wooden floor materials with wear simulation
  • Special effects on materials, like micro-scratches or anisotropy
  • Architectural, physically correct glass material
  • Understanding how to render properly your scene
  • Lots of post-production techniques


  • Basic knowledge about MODO and its main tools

This is the second volume of a total of 2, being the first course the modeling course of this project. It is optional, since volume 2 contains the fully modeled scene, but if you want to learn how to mimic a reference photo, you will find it useful:

archviz in modo

Interior archviz in MODO | vol.1: modeling


Hi everyone and welcome to the second volume of this interior archviz course. Really awesome to have you here and of course thank you so much for the confidence of taking this course. I´m pretty sure you will get a lot of cool techniques that I myself use in a daily basis.

In this volume we´ll work in the shading, texturing, lightning, rendering and post production of our image.

We will learn how to properly create our own materials, applying textures and recreate in the best possible way real world materials.

We´ll also learn a lot of tricks and techniques on how to create special materials, like micro-scratched metals or realistic wooden floors, we´ll discuss interesting theory about behaving of the real world materials so we can mimic them, special effects for organic shaders, such as sub surface scattering to get a natural look.

In the rendering section, we will learn about the different render presets to decide pros and cons when deciding how to render our interior scene in the best possible way, and which render outputs we will need as a support for later retouching.

Later, in the post-production stage, we´ll review a lot of useful and easy techniques to enhance our final render, from quick and easy color corrections to leveling the tones and some other special effects to get a natural look in our scene, going from this raw render to this beautiful final image.

So, have a seat and… let´s start learning.

Who is this Archviz Render course for?

  • Interior designers looking for a strong software to show a photorealistic scene
  • 3D artists focused in archviz and interior design

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