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Interior archviz in MODO | vol.1: modeling

Do you want to create archviz in MODO?

Learn to imitate reference indoor photos in MODO

Course content

In this course, we will learn how to accurately replicate reference photos on perspective and scale.

Please feel free to download the completed 3D scene, which can be obtained from the first section “Welcome to this course”

We will use many quick and easy techniques and methods to make your modeling accurately and neatly completed.

In this Archviz in MODO course, you will learn how to read the perspective in the reference photo, recreate it into your 3D project in the right way, how to solve all the problems, organize the scene in the right way and know how to acquire quality assets, legally free.

This is the first volume of a total of 2, being the second course the rendering tutorial of this project. If you want to learn how to render the scene, you might want to chek it out:

archviz render

Interior archviz in MODO | vol.2: rendering

Where to get free 3d models

There are plenty of sites selling 3d models, offering both free and paid assets. As an advance, here´s a list of the best 3d models sites I´ve found:

We will also learn to optimize the imported assets, scale them to their actual size, and adapt their geometry to our scene.

This course is the first part from a total of 2 (coming soon, with emphasis on materials, lightning, rendering and compositing)

What will you learn

  • Mimic reference photos
  • Set the exact angle and scale according to the reference
  • Simple modeling methods and techniques to build scenarios
  • Free and legally obtain scene models and assets
  • Optimize the model to run perfectly in MODO
  • Basic understanding of the modeling tools in MODO

Who is this architecture in MODO course for?

  • Any kind of Archviz 3D artist.

Details of the content

  • Skill level: basic
  • Number of students: 51
  • language: English
  • Subtitles: yes
  • Length: 4 hours, 16 lessons in total

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