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Substance Painter for beginners

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Welcome to this Substance Painter for beginners course!

Perfect for the beginners

In this introductory course about Substance Painter, we will discover all you need to get started with this software. We will start by getting some familiarity with the most common methods, while in the second part there will be a practical project of texturing using a 3D asset.

You will learn how to properly texture your object so you can develop a professional workflow.

Taught by Senior texture artists

You will be led by senior artists, with wide experience in the bussiness, such as movies like Batman vs Superman, Pacific Rim, Venom and much more. There will be no theoretical speeches, but real world methods and techniques, very well endorsed by high end professional standars.

Learn Hard Surface Texturing

During the second stage of the course, we will learn how to paint incredible looking textures in hard surface assets using Substance Painter. We´ll discuss how to develop our own materials from zero and learn what parts and aspects in the workflow are the one to get more attention depending on the final outcome.

PBR workflow

The creation and use of PBR materials will be covered too by learning how the metallic/roughness method works. We will stick to industry standars as always, so you get a more solid and controllable output. This kind of shaders are widely used in the film and games industry since many years ago.

Check the material and content of this Substance Painter for beginners course:

Software used

  • Substance Painter 2018
  • We will focus in Autodesk Maya, but you can apply the same methods in any 3D modeling software.

Files included

  • Final Substance Painter project
  • Low Poly Final Model
  • FlippedNormals HDRI
  • Help Sheet with Project Overview and Hotkeys

Chapter list


  • 01 – Introduction and UI
  • 02 – Layers
  • 03 – The Shelf
  • 04 – Brush Tool
  • 05 – Projection
  • 06 – Polygon Fill
  • 07 – Clone Tool
  • 08 – Particles
  • 09 – Generators, Filters & Mask Editor
  • 10 – Smart materials, masks and instances
  • 11 – Quick Masking
  • 12 – Working with Opacity
  • 13 – Using Anchors


  • 01 – Preparing our model in Maya
  • 02 – Baking
  • 03 – Painted Metal
  • 04 – Cables
  • 05 – Stealing Materials
  • 06 – Brass
  • 07– Copper
  • 08 – Logo
  • 09 – Updating the Model
  • 10 – Iray
  • 11 – Exporting Maps

Skill level

This beginners course is the way to go for 3D artists first approaching to Substance and the texturing methods. Advanced artists can benefit too from all this knowledge to refine their skills.


Introduction to Substance Designer

It´s highly advisable to learn both tools so you can be able to develop your art to a higher level and make you work pop up from the rest!

Handpainting Skin Textures in Substance Painter

Learn professional techniques for handpainting skin inside of Substance Painter.


Simon Peloquien provided us with an awesome fan model that we´ll be using douring the course. Make sure to pay him a visit on his Artstation profile!

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